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  1. J

    is it okay to temporarily downsize your pigs cage?

    so i’m going out of town for 5 days this week, and i’m leaving my piggies with my grandmother for those few days. usually my pigs have 2 connected midwest cages and free roam most of the day, but my grandmother lives in a smaller apartment and most likely won’t have space for both cages. my...
  2. Jesse's pigs


    Anyone used a courier to transport their new piggies home if coming from a far away place and have any they recommend. I’ve opened my search to areas further away in my quest of finding a friend for Bellamy (obviously won’t be booking anything until lockdown clears up). Bit dubious of just...
  3. mochalily2020

    transatlantic flight

    Hi everyone, I currently live in London with my 4 year old guinea pigs and a little rescue dog. My partner has recently gotten a job opportunity to move to Montreal, Canada and this move should take place in about 4 months or so. I am very reluctant to make this move but with the current...
  4. ashleemelda

    Piggy Travel Anxiety

    Last week I made a post about how my family and I will be taking my two guinea pigs, Moira and Rose, along with us from Virginia to Illinois for the holidays, as there are no boarding facilities nearby and the people I would trust to watch them also go on vacation. It is an approximately 9 hour...
  5. ashleemelda

    Traveling with two guinea pigs for the holidays.

    Every year my family and I make the approximately 9 hour and 15 minutes (not including stops at gas stations, rest areas, and drive-thrus) car ride from Virginia to Illinois for Christmas. We are usually there for about a week. This year we will be taking my two guinea pigs, Moira and Rose...
  6. ChubbyCarrots

    3 hour car journey - any advice please?

    Hello, I’m going to be travelling for 4 hours and I’m taking my babies with me, we’ve travelled before but we’ve only been in the car 2 hours max. I have no family or friends to leave my piggies with unfortunately or I would save them the trouble. I’m just looking for any advice for car...
  7. ElizaCavies

    My experience of travelling in the car with the pigs

    Hi everyone, So I recently went to Cumbria for a week where my family have a house. Because we were going away for a week and were taking the car, it seemed like a sound idea to take my now 6 week old guinea pigs with us. By now we had had them for just a week and I was a bit nervous but was...
  8. HappyCavies

    Our Experience Of Piggies, Europe And Aeroplanes

    Hello fellow guinea pig lovers! This is a guide/information post on travelling with guinea pigs on planes and trains in Europe, so read on to find out more! (As there was so much to say and we couldn't cut anything out, this is split into 2 parts) Last month (January 2018), we decided to...
  9. CavyIris

    How To Transport 4 Guinea Pigs?

    Hello, I'm not sure how i am to transport my guinea pigs to our summer place, this is the first time we are going with them. I know not to transport them two in one cage, but are there any cages you know of i can divide, or something similar? its a 4 and a half hour drive, so quite long for them...
  10. ChubbyCarrots

    Car Journey

    Hi, my guinea pigs (10 months old), Buddy and Coco are both travelling for 3 hours tomorrow in a car. Does anyone have advice for that car journey, I'm really nervous. Many thanks, Hannah.
  11. Joannajars

    Tips And Tricks For Long Distance Travel?

    Hello everyone, I am a student and so live with my 3 boars in a different city to where my parents live and so over Christmas break will be going home for 3 weeks leaving me no option but to take them with me. It's a 2-3 hour drive and will have to be there and back (3 weeks apart though) I...
  12. shujuju

    Can Guinea Pigs Travel With Me Between Two Houses Often?

    so I used to own a guinea pig years ago and he was the sweetest little piggy, I loved him so much, but alas he lived at my moms house and I was not with him enough to take care of him and the burden was left on my mother. This lead to her giving away my piggy and I do miss him, but I have been...
  13. violetgirl


    I just brought home a 4 year old guinea pig named Violet. We had a 15 minute car ride home and she did NOT like it. When we got home I gave her some veggies and held her in my lap. She seemed fine and i put her back in the cage. I had to leave for several hours. When I came back,I had to...
  14. Danielle Smith

    Separating Guinea Pigs For Travel

    At some point, my partner and I are going to take the pigs with us on a long weekend, requiring a minimum 5 hour train journey. I know they can do it, as I travelled that far to get them -- last time they were in a carrier lined with fleece, some hideys, and hay and cucumber. It may have helped...
  15. Beans&Toast

    Separation Anxiety..

    Sorry if this isnt the right place to put this but its the only place that seemed most relavent.. Okay so what I'm about to say may sound very silly to most people, but I love my pigs very much and we have a very close bond.. I'm planning on taking my mum away for a few days to a caravan park...
  16. PRC

    Travelling Guineas

    I am soon to move from Essex to Wales. I have 8 pigs who currently live in beautifully designed sheds with tunnels to runs in the garden. One shed has 5 males, the other a neutered male and 2 females. They are very spoiled and also fairly wild. The boys are prone to fighting if in too close...
  17. Guineapigfeet

    Travel Box - Experience / Opinions?

    I'm looking at these two boxes (for two pigs) and was wondering if anyone had any experience of them / opinions? The reviews for both on Zooplus and Amazon are, naturally, mixed! Catit Design Cabrio Pet Carrier | Great deals at zooplus! Nobby Avior Pet Carrier | Free P&P on orders £29+ at...