Bullying after one passed


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Sep 28, 2018
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Hi so I have/had four piggies Rhett, Link, chase, and Stevie. A little over a week ago Stevie passed it was very unexpected and sad. Since Stevie has been gone I’ve noticed chase seemed a little lonely. Rhett and Link were the first pigs that I got and chase and Stevie I got later on and they were already together for a little while before I got them. So they had a better bond and now that Stevie is gone I’m worried for chase. He still eats and drinks normally but I don’t know he just seems distant and he runs away from everyone and just tried to stay in a corner. I’m thinking of getting another pig since I would like to keep a group of 4 and I want chase to start a new bond to help him but I want to make sure the ones I have now are all ok beforehand.


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Mar 10, 2009
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Coventry UK
Hi and welcome

I am very sorry for your loss! We have got a Rainbow Bridge section for those of us who you would like to post a tribute to their beloved ones that they have lost.

How old are your boys?

Please be aware that boar quartets and trios, especially with sub-adult boars, are VERY unstable and that the loss of one of them can have broken the delicate balance. Adding another boar is going to trigger further dominance behaviour and won't necessarily help. It is much better if you looked for a character compatible mate of Chase's liking in a separate pair, ideally by rescue dating if you have this option so Chase can have a say who he is happy with before you bring home another boar that might not work out.
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