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Do Not Use “Nu-Stock” ointment!


New Born Pup
May 19, 2018
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About a month and a half ago, one of my three piggies (Buffy) got ringworm. A family member of mine told me she used a product called “Nu-Stock” animal ointment on her dog when she had ringworm and it went away. I did a lot of research on it, but found no information about it specifically relating to guinea pigs. It is primarily made up of sulfur, but it does have 2% pine oil in it, which concerned me. The product claims it is safe for all animals. I decided to try it in a small dose on the affected area. It seems to be fine. Later, I took Buffy to the exotic animal vet for additional treatment for the ringworm, since it continued to spread. The vet told me Nu-Stock was safe for her and would work, and that I should continue using it along with providone iodine and an oral anti-fungal prescription. During this time, a second, younger guinea pig (Bumpkin) got ringworm, so we started only the topical Nu-Stock & iodine treatment on her. Both of our affected piggies started acting lethargic, not eating as much, and having inconsistently shaped and sized poops. We thought it was just because they had ringworm and didn’t like the treatments.

A few days ago, Buffy really went downhill. I didn’t realize at the time how serious it was. She deteriorated quickly and died. The day she died, I cleaned the cage and found very odd poops, some strung together with a very sticky substance. Some were not fully formed. One was just the sticky substance with a nearly clear bubble in the center. We went over what could have caused it, and it is very possible that the Nu-Stock ointment is the cause since we put on more and more as her ringworm spread. Our other affected piggie was also showing the signs that Buffy had, so we’ve stopped the Nu-Stock treatment on her. Now we are only doing iodine and an oral treatment for Bumpkin.

Bumpkin has been without Nu-Stock for 3 days and her heath, poops, and behavior have all greatly improved, which confirms our suspicion.

Please spread the word that this brand is most likely not safe for guinea pigs, despite their claim that it’s for “all animals.” I’m wondering if anyone else has used this and what their experience was.36BB161B-9681-4B4E-9939-02246E9030A0.jpeg