bald patch

  1. K

    Bald spot on Guinea Pigs back

    Hi, so about less than a week ago my girlfriend and I noticed a bald line spot on my guinea pig Biscuits’ back. It doesn’t look like it has any irritation but it is still worrisome. I checked online about bald spots on backs and all I could find was that she could have mites? However, her cage...
  2. Babyfrida920

    Mites or not?

    My guinea pig Frida has been scratching a lot lately and she had a small bald spot on her back. I was sure that she had mites but It seems to be getting better especially every time I bathe her and I’m not sure if it’s mites anymore. Also her bald spot seems to be going away although she...
  3. GeorgiaHarris

    Bald spot?!

    I’ve noticed my 5 year old boar has got a bald spot on his bum. We’ve previously had problems with lice so I immediately thought he had got them again or maybe had mites so he’s been through a treatment of ivermectin and I’ve washed him with georgeous guineas lice shampoo but it’s still there...
  4. S

    Irritated bald spot from pulling hair out

    My year old guinea Simon had some issues not too long ago. We assumed it was initially a bite from the other pig but it continued after we separated them. The vet did tests for mites and came out negative. We spent a lot of money on tests and they could not tell us what was wrong. They said it...
  5. Lucy1202

    HELP! Found a spot near my piggies leg

    I found this on his underside. He doesn’t seem to be in pain but it’s the first time I’ve seen this. I have no idea what this is or what I should do. Please help out a worried owner!
  6. Siikibam

    Bald patch under mouth

    Our Fudge has a bald patch under his bottom lip. I noticed it the other day as he was drinking water. I’ve touched the area and he doesn’t squeak or show any signs of pain. It literally looks like a bald patch, no dry skin or scabs or anything like that. Here’s a photo but I couldn’t get a good...
  7. Salt and Pepper

    Bald spots ? Mites ? Advice please

    Hello, my piggy pepper has recently developed a bald patch with raised red bumps on her lower back : We are calling first thing tomorrow morning to book her in. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what this could be. She is not scratching it and doesn't seem agitated when I touch it. I...
  8. H

    Bald Spot Above Bum, Any Ideas?

    Hi so over the last week I've been noticing one of my guinea pigs shedding more than usual, I thought nothing of it at first but today I noticed this flaky bald patch above his bum, I was reading online for things it could be and saw a few different answers so wasn't sure how to help it, so I...
  9. Megannah

    Bald Patch On Nose

    Hello, last week I found on my Piggie Marshall I noticed a small patch of hair above his nose was dry and stuck together, I looked it up on line and i couldn't find anything , but today as I picked him up the dried hair was hanging of his nose and fell off and underneath was a tiny red sore? His...