c&c cage

  1. P

    C & c cages!

    Hi guys, so I’m thinking about getting an indoor c & c cage, but I’ve noticed that there are several to choose from! I literally have no idea where to start. I have seen single and double ones, ones that have a ramp and ones that do not (can you buy a ramp separate?) and ones with a loft. So...
  2. V

    C&C cage edging.

    Hi does anyone know where you can get the hard plastic edging for coroplast in the UK, that isn’t ridiculously priced. I’ve bought 4mm white coroplast and want to protect it from nibbles.
  3. V

    C&C cage liners

    Hello, I was just wanting to know where people buy their liners from? For the C&C cages? Found some sets on EBay that come with a matching house and a bed etc but it’s £60+ and I was wondering if there were any places I hadn’t thought of to get some. I’m, hopefully sometime soon, getting my...
  4. Iggleandpiggle959

    C&c cage and changing the shape with a roof

    Hello so I am looking for a new cage for my piggies. I was looking at a 2x6 c&c with a lid but am worried that it will not fit in my space but was wondering if I could turn it into a 3x5 I think? Would the lid be able to work on it and the floor? Thank you
  5. adussiaQ

    Is this a good idea to make the cage bigger?

    Hello everyone! Over the past few months I’ve been saving money in order to re-do my piggies cages and set up. The c&c cage I currently have is an upgrade form the store bought cage I had which was under the minimum but at the time the only option. However, I’m not happy with the current cage...
  6. ashimay

    Housing an intact boar next to a pair of sows.

    Hello! Since losing our beloved Mr Pig we have had our boar Otis in his cage next to our two sows to allow him to socialise whilst we wait for our local rescue to be open for boar-dating again. He currently isn’t living in a C&C cage like our sows and we would like to change this! We’re also...
  7. A

    Help! An escape artist in training

    Hi I have an urgent issue! I set up my new C&C cage today for my skinny pigs and my smallest one has jumped out twice within the past hour! I was told piggies don’t jump high and the cage would be safe, what should I do until the cover I ordered comes in?
  8. CandyPop

    C&C cage

    I recently ordered my guinea pigs a C&C cage (5 x 2) and the correx came folded. I can't get it to lay flat at all. Is there any way to flatten it?
  9. Hannahb2804

    C&c cages for babies

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows anything about having babies in c&c cages? Are they safe for them? Wanting to buy a cage but not sure if I need to spend extra to have baby bars put in if they are ok with normal grids. So if anyone knows anything that would be fab! Xx
  10. Hannahb2804

    Cleaning c&c cage

    Hello! Just wondered if anyone can help me, hoping to get two sows once everything blows over in the uk and I’m making sure I’ve got all my research done for what I need to get, when it comes to cleaning the c&c cage I’ll be getting, I know a lot of people say to make your own disinfectant with...
  11. S

    Is my guinea pig playing or bullying?

    Hi, I have 3 guinea pigs. 1 is 2 years old, the other is 24 weeks and the new one I got is 12 weeks. The 2 year old and 24 week old ones have shared a 3 x 5 cage for months and are fine. I introduced the 12 week one by building a small c&c cage inside the 3 x 5 for a week and they all popcorned...
  12. B

    C&C Cage Safety!

    I just built my piggies a whole new cage, but I worry that I've majorly screwed up. I have 7x7 hole grids and I've been told that that is unsafe. I can't exactly afford to build a whole other one right now and my grandparents would get extremely angry if I did. What can I do?
  13. N

    C&C Cage Help

    I'm about to start making a C&C cage for my two boars. I'm planning on using these grids to make an L shaped cage which will be 6 grids long, 2 grids wide on one end, and 4 grids wide on the other end. SONGMICS 9 Cubes Metal Wire Storage Rack, Interlocking Shelving Unit with Metal Wire Shelves...
  14. DaveyCavy

    How best to expand a C&C cage for maximal piggy happiness

    Hello fellow cavy slaves! I recently adopted three girls - Edith (5 yo), Mabel (2 yo), and Lola (2 yo) - and they're settling in well. They are not from the same litter and are not strongly bonded, but they coexist in relative peace, although Mabel occasionally bullies Lola. I've been hoping to...
  15. K

    C&C Flooring Uk

    Hiya, I have just purchased grids for my 2 boars in order to make them a c&c style cage to give them more room however I'm having a hard time locating any correx in the UK. I have messaged a few sign shops in my area to no avail so I was wondering if anybody had any ideas for alternatives that I...
  16. G

    C&c Cage

    Hi! I have two boars (Patches and Carmal). I’m looking to upgrade them to a C&c cage. Could anyone tell me how to go about doing this? Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  17. A

    Help needed with c&c cage set up please

    I've just put my 5x2 c&c cage together and I've ordered fleece for it but only ordered yesterday so I need a substrate until then. I've purchased some from pets at home called back to nature bedding which looks like paper swirls but worried about the correx with wee. Can I put anything on top...
  18. J

    Making a new cage

    Hi I have an area of 8' × 2' available for a c & c cage but I can only find grids of 35cm. Does anyone know where I can find 30cm x 30cm grids please?
  19. GeorgiaHarris

    Rolled correx?

    Just wondering if anyone’s ever had correx delivered rolled as I’ve found some cheap-ish on eBay but it comes rolled. Does it flatten out properly and is it as easy to score as delivered flat?
  20. charlottel0u

    Boars with broken bond in split cage, can I add a female each?

    Hi everyone! I have two lovely, almost one year old boys who currently live in a large cage separated by c&c grids down the middle. Long story short, their bond was broken after one had serious surgery and was separated for a while to recover. After this, we had tried many times to get them back...