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  1. lavender91


    So I have 2 female pigs about 2-2 1/2 years old so I have a general question. Is it normal for pigs adult pigs to sit in their igloo most of the time or is this something I should worry about ? She comes out for Pets and to eat and drink then goes back in and takes a nap 😴 . Is this a normal pig...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Water bottles

    What do you guys put under water bottles? Mine don’t drip massively but tend to drip for a bit after the piggies have had a drink leaving the bedding a bit damp. I use towels for their bedding with piles of hay and a microfibre bath mat down one end which I change every 2 days and recently I’ve...
  3. Watsoon

    Drinking too much?

    Hi all, My guinea pig, Wilbur, seems to be an excessive drinker. He has been for a while now, I’ve checked his urine and all seems fine, he’s active, eats lots, hasn’t changed weight. All in all he seems very happy and healthy. The room isn’t a high temp either. His brother doesn’t drink nearly...
  4. YodaVaderBinks

    Boar Mammary Tumour Post-Op

    Hello! Binks is a 3.5year old boar who had 2 mammary tumors removed 3 days ago. He's eating veggies non-stop, isn't very fussed about the pellets (his usual feed) but will pick + choose what he likes from the meusli mix. Usually only use the mix when we run out of pellets as this is available...
  5. Alssa

    Is This A Good Thing?

    I’ve had my new baby piggy for almost a week and I want to know if what she’s doing is normal or good. Whenever I take her out for floor time or to just hang out, she likes to crawl up my chest perch on my shoulder like a little parrot. She also likes to climb into and up my sleeves and gets...
  6. Isabela

    Ferplast Bottle

    Hello. Does anyone have any experience with this water bottle? I recently bought it for my piggies and they are just ignoring it. Did anyone else have the same problem?
  7. lauryn888

    Guinea Pig Is Drinking A Lot?

    hi, i have 2 pigs and i noticed today one of them is drinking a lot? he kept me up all night frantically drinking. he doesnt usually drink this much or for such an extended period of time so I'm a little worried! he hasnt lost or gained any weight that i can tell and he doesnt seem any less...
  8. Jade&co

    Not Drinking As Usual

    My pig Bradley has always been a big drinker and super animated and happy in his cage (and out). Recently he had a behaviour change and is more subdued. I don't know what happened but this post is more regarding his lack of water consumption... Any tips to increase the likelihood of his...
  9. Piggielover150

    Drinking Water

    My guinea pig has suddenly started to drink a lot more water. At night, after they’ve eaten their veg, one of the piggies starts to constantly drink water for 10/15 minutes and the bottle has become louder :/ she keeps going back to drinking after every few minutes, I’ve only noticed this after...
  10. PeggyandNancy

    New Baby Guineas Not Drinking Water

    Hi everyone I've had two new piggies (about 9 weeks old) for a week now and they don't appear to be drinking water. I've tried giving them a bowl but they just throw stuff in it (including poops) and even changing that every chance I could didn't seem to help. I've given them as watery...
  11. court29x

    Drinking Amounts...

    Ever since the girls have started living indoors they have been drinking a little less, when they were outdoors they had a classic pet shop water bottle and they were drinking half a bottle every day, more particularly in the hot weathers. The indoor cage I bought came with a water bottle and...
  12. MissPiggyTales

    Thirsty Piggie Help

    Hiya I am posting this because I can't fathom what's up with my piggie. I'm booking him in to vets next week but just seeing if anyone has ideas before then. He's been really thirsty as of late. Always going to his bottle bit last couple weeks I've found a wet corner where his bottle is. I...
  13. pnwgranny

    Concerned About Eli

    He tilts his head when he drinks water and gets his chest all soak and wet. I remember someone else said their pig tilts his head also. Is this normal? Our Vet rechecked his teeth and they look good and he is eating just fine.