fleece bedding

  1. C

    Little flies in fleece

    Hi all, was hoping someone has also had this and can provide some reassurance. Its second time now I have found these little fly type things burried head down in pigs fleece? I've pulled the out with tweezers, brushed in some fly strike to fleece and the guinea pigs and washed fleece. I'm...
  2. rooandmaple

    Cleaning fleeces

    Hey everyone! Sure this is an obvious answer but I’m thinking about changing the bedding to fleece but I don’t know what detergent and everything to use as last time I tried it didn’t end too well 😬 Thanks :)
  3. C

    DIY Fleece Liner Types

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, hello to you all! I have a question for those of you that use u-haul padded fleece liners or have made them yourself :) I am a new owner of two adorable 6-month old girls. I recently upgraded their cage to a 3x5 C&C so they have tons of room to run around! I...
  4. O

    Nighttime cage necessary?

    Hi all, we’re new to Guinea Pig ownership and having put our girls in an outdoor hutch we have decided to move them back indoors permanently. I have ordered a C&C open top cage but wondered about nighttime, should I put them in a closable cage then? Will their food attract mice into the house? I...
  5. J

    Mattress Covers for Fleece Bedding

    Hi, so I'm in the process of making fleece bedding. I want to make the ones where you sandwich the absorbent material inbetween two layers of fleece so it's easy to change and wash altogether. I have heard that mattress covers are a good option, would you all agree? And can someone recommend...
  6. lauriie00

    Will this type of fleece wick?

    Hey guy! I bought this fleece on sale and I was wondering if this will end up wicking? It is the kind that is a bit ticker. I have washed a test part with bleach and vinegar but its not working yet. I was wondering if this type of fleece could ever do it! Thanks!
  7. O

    fleece bedding?

    i was just wondering which bedding you all use and what you think of fleece? i've got pine wood shavings and back2nature bedding at the moment, i've found that wood shavings get pretty messy while back2nature is great however it is expensive. i have a pair of baby piggies and a 2x5 c&c cage and...
  8. dannif_piggies

    Looking for people's opinions...

    For a while I've been wanting to change to "reusable puppy pads" for under my girls fleeces. Has anyone done this? And what are their thoughts. I really like using regular puppy pads for absorbing, but I'm trying to make the pigs as environmentally friendly as possible, and this is a big part of...
  9. C


    So in my last endeavour for fleece I had bought some cheapy fleece throws that would NOT wick. So I went and got some good quality fleece. I am adamant on switching to fleece as bedding is just so expensive and messy. I now have a fleece addiction, the designs are just too cute! A question...
  10. C

    fleece issues

    I recently decided to switch to fleece bedding for my pigs. Unfortunately it’s quite hard to find fleece where I am, but I found polar fleece throws at Kmart. I think they are similar to ones from Walmart and Joanns (if you are American, I’m from Australia) It’s 100% polyester. I have now washed...
  11. carefullycloverpigs

    How much fleece?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum! You can call me Clover :) I've had my two guinea pigs (Missy and Luna) for about 8 months now, but they are nearly four years old. Since I got them, I've been using aspen wood shavings in their cage, but I want to change over to fleece. I've weighed the pros...
  12. annachapman112

    Tips for fleece bedding cleaning/washing/brushing in a flat!

    This is a bit of a strange one and can't find any other similar threads! I have recently moved from a ground floor flat with a private garden to a first floor flat with a shared garden (the flat itself is much larger, hence why we moved!). I was previously able to brush my fleece bedding and...
  13. G


    I wanted to ask who used ikea fleece blankets as their cage liners and can you tell me if you recommend them or not. Thank you ❤️
  14. N

    fleece bedding

    hi i'm new to this so i don't know if i'm doing this right, but i'm thinking about changing my guinea pigs bedding from wood shavings to fleece because wood shavings are too messy and they get stuck in one of my guinea pigs fur. anyway i was just wondering if anyone knows where to get good...
  15. N

    Best fabric for a new enclosure?

    I’ve been seeing that fleece is very popular, but I was wondering if there were other options. We have three piggies, Mj, Indie, and Sati. We’ve been wanting to give them more room for a while because they’re growing. Money isn’t really a big deal because they’re family. But what’s the most...
  16. N

    Fleece and how much to buy!

    Hi guys! I have three piggies that have so much energy. I’ve been wanting to build them a larger enclosure since adopting our latest Guinea pig, Sati. I’ve heard a lot about fleece and the u haul pads and that’s what I’ve decided on. So far, we’re building them a 4.5 ft x 4.5 ft enclosure out of...
  17. Rugrat

    Fleece idea gone wrong

    So we made our two guinea pigs a hidey from an oversized piece of waterproof fleece but they're still wanting to and managing to get underneath it. Any advice from fleece owners? We're scared that they're going to eat the waterproofing part and it might do them so e damage. We're thinking...
  18. dannif_piggies

    Fleece blankets

    Just wondering, where do people buy their fleece from? I'm from the UK: B&m stores near me don't sell fleece, and Ive got plain ones from the Range, and some others from bargain stores, but I'm getting a little bored with the patterns, I want some cute designs or pretty colours. Also cheap is...
  19. AlvieOB

    Fleece bedding - how much hay?

    Hi everyone, Currently, my two boys are in a C&C cage with Aubiose bedding (similar to wood shavings. We cover the whole floor with hay, so they never walk on bedding, they walk on hay. We are going to switch over to fleece bedding. Do we need to cover the floor with hay, or are they okay with a...
  20. GeorgiaHarris

    Preparing fleece for cage liners?

    I recently made my cage liners for the first time and somewhere online that you only need to wash the fleece twice before using it to prepare it but ive found that my piggies wee is sitting on top of the fleece and is not being absorbed, the cage liner has also shrunk and no longer covers the...