1. Guineapigs33

    New Guinea pig owner! Kavee?

    Hi! New Guinea pig owner here 💛 The cage I got for for them yesterday meets the requirements for space but is so poorly/cheaply made and unstable. It’s bound to fall apart anytime soon. I wanna order a Kavee c&c cage with a stand for my piggies! I wanna make sure they have plenty of space for...
  2. Bethanie97

    Guinea pig eye advice (warning: photo)

    >>TRIGGER WARNING PHOTO<<<<< Hi I have a 2year old Sheltie Guinea pig, she has already been diagnosed with fatty eyes, apparently as she is more “flat faced” than normal piggies. she has recently developed the problem in the photo, it’s like extra skin popping out from behind her eye (only...
  3. dabel101


    Hi! Was inspired by a picture i took the other day to start a thread where your piggie is photobombing the photo! Ill start! Here’s my Mabel photobombing Doris’ sunlight photo shoot😂
  4. ?

    how many guinea pigs can you get from pets at home?

    hi, i want to buy three female guinea pigs and i’m going to go to pets at home ( only because there are no adoption shelters near me at all) i was wandering if they had a two pet limit or if anyone has managed to buy three girls there before? thanks :)
  5. Bungie bunnies

    Your piggy’s 😍

    I would love too see some of your piggy’s ! :) send pics !
  6. C

    Advice on Bordetella, the transmission of other bugs and dogs being around piggies.

    Hi Everyone Just looking for a bit of advice/experience on what everyone does with regards to dogs, pigs and Bordetella. I keep my two boars in a cage on the living room floor where they love to keep an eye on us and beg for food and attention. However, I’ve got the in-laws visiting in a...
  7. Lizzie.1987

    Naughty Donald the food bowl flipper

    I started noticing Donald's naughty behaviour towards his food bowl. At first I thought it was because I use the bowl groove underneath for veggies and he was flipping it looking for veggies but I've separated it and he's still flipping it. Is it time to invest in a weighted bowl?
  8. Angelcake30

    Small bump on nose

    I just now noticed this strange bump on my piggies nose and I was just wondering if anyone knew what it was and could help me out. Couldnt get this piggie to hold still for anything (she just wanted to see what this strange object was trying to take a picture of her :P) So sorry for the poor...
  9. UhreGuineas

    Long Hair Care!

    Hey everyone! I recently adopted a baby long hair guinea pig. I was wondering what hair care is needed when she is older! I am not a 100% sure what long hair breed she is but I believe she is a silkie(Sheltie) if that helps! I want my little girl to have the locks of a angel, so throw it all...
  10. ToastandBeans

    Taming Pudding!

    Pudding has had a day to settle in, so we got her out with her tube (it’s her favourite hiding spot:yahoo:) and she stayed in there for a while. She eventually came out and had some fuss. When she was hiding, she buried herself in by me.. she’s so cute..! Not too sure... You don’t seem too...
  11. P

    Husband Allergic To My Piggies

    Hello all. I am in a bit of a predicament! I have had some piggies for over a year now and my husband has suddenly developed a wheezy chest, difficulty breathing, runny nose and watery eyes. He has gone to the DRs and they have diagnosed him with an allergic reaction to "something", and they...
  12. Little Pigs

    Personalities, Breeds And Colourations Of Peoples Piggies!

    So I just wanted to talk about our piggies and have a chat :roll: What's the name of your piggies? how old are they? what breed are they? what colouration are they? what are they like personality wise? So, one of piggies Ollie - bless his little soul - is a right charmer and peoples person but...
  13. KarenD

    Guinea Pig Has Big Cut. Help!

    I have two piggies that are blood brothers and they are over a year old. Today I noticed them fighting and while cleaning their room I noticed a huge cut on the back of one of them. The one who got the cut was the one who was trying to run away from the other one. I have absolutely no idea what...
  14. Koko

    Need Floor Time Advice!

    Heya! Just wanting to get advice and know how you all do floor time with your piggies? How long do you keep your piggies out for floor time? Pics would be helpful too!
  15. NoiNoi

    Severely Matted Long-haired Piggie!

    Hello all, hope you're having a lovely day! To the point! Today I adopted Ozzy, a 2 and a half year old Piggie from a work associate who, putting it nicely, didn't much care for him after his first owner passed away. I said I would look after the little fella, having owned piggies (short...
  16. Alexandra West

    Nail Polish On A Piggie?

    Hey! I was at my friends house yesterday and she got a guinea pig a few days ago, and she was painting his nails with O.P.I nail polish. I told her it was a bad idea, but she didn't listen. She's had around 4 piggies before, so I wanted to ask the question if this is actually safe or not. For...
  17. Megannah

    Piggie Photo Shoot

    My pigs love there photo being taken:)
  18. Elgifu321

    Share A Pig Of Your Snuggly Guinea Pigs!

    I love seeing pics of really cuddly guinea pigs that are super comfortable with their owners. Rupert, my 4 yo piggy is always happy to snooze on my lap! Here's a few pics! Share pics of your piggys if they do anything like this or are simply cuddle monsters :love:
  19. Guineapigfeet

    Nearly 1 Years Old Ish

    My three girls are somewhere around their first birthday (basically anytime in September!) BB is currently the heaviest (!) at 850g, Chewie is 830 and Rey is 780g. Here's a *few* pictures. I have got a video of them leaping the chair legs, but I haven't got around to uploading it to YouTube!
  20. Molly Isabella

    Guinea Pig Won't Eat Hard Foods?

    Hi everyone! Okay, so my piggie Kenco has not been right for a while. She seemed to be losing weight and not eating hard foods. By that I mean the foods like carrot, cucumber, pepper. Anything with a bite to it, really. She devours her greens, loves them. So, of course I took her to the exotic...