1. GirlFromMars

    Blood In Urine

    Hi, I've been reading this forum for a while and have found lots of useful information (thank you!) but I've finally made an account because I'm worried about one of my boys! We adopted him and his friend (both three years old) back in February And last week we found some blood spots in the...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Wheeking When Weeing

    So hi guys it seems for every good post I make something goes wrong! So I moved Mo into his cage yesterday and he's all excited and happy. Pooing fine and urinating fine. All night aswell (I went to sleep at 12 pm) and I'm a light sleeper with him next to my bed. The bad stuff starts the...
  3. ToastandBeans

    Beans Weeing On Toast

    So it's pen time where I sit in a pen with them so they trust me and I give them strokes but this time Beans was in a tube and Toast was going in too. Beans was shooting wee out of her onto Toast like a water gun. Is this normal and what does it mean?
  4. Jesse's pigs

    Mo's Bits And Bobs

    Hi guys it's me again with another question that if it wasn't piggy related I'd probably be locked up for asking haha. Basically I just cleaned my piggy out like usual- shook his fleece and removed hay and poos. I proceeded to give him his little stroke where he rolls over and reveals his belly...
  5. CharlotteR34

    Blood In Urine?

    Hi, just had my two pigs out, they are both males and I noticed these little marks on my fleecy blanket. When I touch it it's wet so its fresh. I've tried looking at the colour an it's a mix between pink and brown, so I don't know if it's a UTI or when they've pooped and peed at the same time...
  6. Chancey

    Too Much Calcium?

    Hi there! I currently have seven piggies, sow pair, sow trio and boar pair! I've noticed that they all seem to leave the powdery white marks on the fleece - it doesn't seem gritty and is dried in but as all of my piggies are showing this, I worry it may be their diet. I know that their urine is...
  7. naomi.davies7

    Red Pee!

    Just hoping someone can shed some light on a piggy mystery I'm experiencing! Since just before Christmas I have been changing the towelling of my 2 boys and noticing red stained urine patches, and a lot of them too! As soon as I noticed it I managed to separate them long enough to work out...
  8. Keiko The Pig

    Rustic/blood Wee Stains?

    So recently I have noticed some rustic looking stains on the lighter coloured areas of my fleece, i know blood in urine is never a good thing so really need some advice. I never had these stains before adopting Milo from a reputable piggy rescue so my best bet is that they're from him, he's just...
  9. crnyng

    3 year Old Female; Genital/blood

    I feel as though I'm always on here but my newest of adoptions has on and off been having bloody pee. I noticed it the first day I brought her home, I instantly collected urine and brought it to the vets to be tested for blood in the urine, it came back negative for blood so was told nothing to...
  10. Brandy

    Allergic To Just One Of My Piggies

    I have two guinea pigs, CC and Poppy, I've discovered recently that I am allergic to one of them but not both. At first it seemed I was allergic to both of them; I got the sniffles and had itchy watery eyes. Eventually those symptoms went away and now I just get hives when I pick one of them up...
  11. WinnieandBear

    Blood In Urine, Squeaking And Calcium Crystals? Please Help

    Hello! After many many many rubbish and useless vet visits from far and wide, I seem to have found a thorough and very informative and so far brilliant vet very local. Bear has been showing discomfort when urinating and pooing recently sometimes accompanied by squeaking but that was much less...