1. naomi.davies7

    Red Pee!

    Just hoping someone can shed some light on a piggy mystery I'm experiencing! Since just before Christmas I have been changing the towelling of my 2 boys and noticing red stained urine patches, and a lot of them too! As soon as I noticed it I managed to separate them long enough to work out...
  2. Keiko The Pig

    Rustic/blood Wee Stains?

    So recently I have noticed some rustic looking stains on the lighter coloured areas of my fleece, i know blood in urine is never a good thing so really need some advice. I never had these stains before adopting Milo from a reputable piggy rescue so my best bet is that they're from him, he's just...
  3. crnyng

    3 year Old Female; Genital/blood

    I feel as though I'm always on here but my newest of adoptions has on and off been having bloody pee. I noticed it the first day I brought her home, I instantly collected urine and brought it to the vets to be tested for blood in the urine, it came back negative for blood so was told nothing to...
  4. Brandy

    Allergic To Just One Of My Piggies

    I have two guinea pigs, CC and Poppy, I've discovered recently that I am allergic to one of them but not both. At first it seemed I was allergic to both of them; I got the sniffles and had itchy watery eyes. Eventually those symptoms went away and now I just get hives when I pick one of them up...
  5. WinnieandBear

    Blood In Urine, Squeaking And Calcium Crystals? Please Help

    Hello! After many many many rubbish and useless vet visits from far and wide, I seem to have found a thorough and very informative and so far brilliant vet very local. Bear has been showing discomfort when urinating and pooing recently sometimes accompanied by squeaking but that was much less...