lap time

  1. C

    why does my piggie always wee on me at lap time?

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could answer this strange question. When ever I bring out my two boars for lap time they get really comfy and lay down on me. Does this mean they are relaxed? But the weirdest thing is woody 9/10 always wees on me, I don’t know if it’s just habit or because he...
  2. Isla&Steve

    Does anyone have any tips for lap time?

    Hi, so we’ve been doing lap time most days and we have got to the point where both boys eat from our hands, but I feel like every lap time is getting more and more stressful for to boys and therefore stressful for us too because we feel like we’re upsetting them, does anyone have any tips for...
  3. Hannahb2804

    Lap time

    What do you all find best to use for lap time so the piggies don’t pee on you? I was thinking of just buying a cheap towel but not sure if it would work so any ideas? Thankyou xx
  4. W

    Advice on lap time

    Hi all! Got my first two lady piggies recently, we have them a week now and they are settling in so well, they eat their veggies from our hands and have started to become very vocal for their dinner time etc. They are about 11/12 weeks old. Can anyone give me advice on when to start lap time...
  5. G

    Skittish Guinea Pig and Floor Time and Lap time!

    Hi! I have two guinea pigs. Patches (older) and Carmal (younger). Patches is taking food from my hand confidently, but Carmal does it a bit more skittishly. I made a post about this but the plan didn’t work out. I was going to connect a pen to their cage to let them come and go as they please...
  6. S

    Nap Time Noises; is he happy/comfortable or scared?

    Heya everyone! So I have two baby guinea pigs; Honk & Hank, I’ve had them for around a month now and absolutely adore them! 😁 I just thought I’d film a bit of lap time with Honk to see if his behaviour/noises indicate being comfortable/happy or annoyed 😊 I’ve never owned guinea pigs before...
  7. babyandtheo

    Lap Time With Food?

    So to encourage my baby guinea pigs (6/7 weeks) to feel comfortable during lap time, I've been feeding them veggies throughout the whole time until I put them back. Now I realize this might not have been the best thing because if I put them on my lap, they immediately expect veggies and they'll...
  8. W

    Extreme Biting

    Every time I pick my guinea pig Bubbles up she'll bite me anywhere she can find skin. My neck is red as I'm writting this. She has been a biter since the beginning but now its been getting worse. She'll make little squeaks whenever I'm having lap time with her and bite me all the time. She...
  9. katie_anne89

    Some Advice Needed Please :(

    Hi everyone :) I really need some advice on handling one of my piggies, Blakey. When we first got them about 2 months ago Blakey seemed ok during lap time (although he has always been the more timid pig). We moved their cage to a better location but since then he has seemed even more timid and...
  10. Celine298

    Am I Not Handling Them Enough?

    I was just wondering, is there such a thing as not handling your piggys enough? Sunny and Lola live in a 2x10 cage situated in our dining room, which is adjoining our sitting room (where we spend most of our time). They have multiple hidies, a loft, loads of nibble sticks, a hay box and a...
  11. Lexipiggie

    Lap Time

    We have had our 2 female piggies for around 3 months now and it has become apparent that one of our guinea pigs (Okie) enjoys lap time, happily eating and once fell asleep on me. However, our other piggie (Cocoa) does not enjoy it and after a minute or so scrambles around and pleads to be put...
  12. Elgifu321

    Share A Pig Of Your Snuggly Guinea Pigs!

    I love seeing pics of really cuddly guinea pigs that are super comfortable with their owners. Rupert, my 4 yo piggy is always happy to snooze on my lap! Here's a few pics! Share pics of your piggys if they do anything like this or are simply cuddle monsters :love:
  13. Guineapigfeet

    Tripple Lap Time Success

    Had my partner's sister and her husband over last night and to cheer her up (her job may be on the line now we've been voted out) I got all three pigs out an plonked two of them on her lap. After BB made quite a scarey break for freedom from her husbands lap, I added her to the pile and se was...
  14. Brianna Nordin

    Advice For Human & Piggie Bonding!

    I have 4 happy little piggies. They all love each other and I'm happy! But how can I build my own relationship with them? I'm still new.
  15. NavajoChikondi

    Question Concerning Bonding And Lap Time

    Hello, I just wanted to ask some questions as I'm a new pig owner and still need to learn lots! First of all I wanted to ask about my baby guinea pig. I've had him for about a week now. He is quite the brave pig and at lap time he is now running around on my lap, sniffing a lot, making little...
  16. Guineapigfeet

    Handling Progress

    For the last few days the girls have been inside in my spare room as the shed would be too hot for them and I decided it would be good for us all to get a bit more handling in! None of them really enjoy it and would much rather be with each other running around, so I don't really do lap time as...
  17. Brianna Lupton

    Disabled Guinea Pig

    I have two Guinea pigs and one of them is sweet as can be and doesn't mind being held or pet. Now my other Guinea pig I just rescued about a week ago. I rescued him because he had a severe ear infection that caused a permanent head tilt and a little brain damage. He was going to be euthanized...
  18. JonnyRudy

    Some Tips On My New Piggies?

    Hey! Yesterday I brought home two 5 month old piggies. They're brothers, and it's clear that one is more dominant than the other. This hasn't been a problem so far, but that's also not what I'm here to ask about. I actually have a few list of quesions that I'd like answered. I don't want to come...
  19. FayeM

    Itching And Twitching

    Hi everyone I'm new to this site and a new guinea pig mummy so looking for some advice if anyone can help. I bought my 2 boars from a breeder 8 days ago and they were just 8 weeks when I collected them. One of them is very nervous and hasn't really gotten used to be handled as yet, but will...
  20. R

    First Lap Time Help

    Hiya, Kim and Kanye joined our family five days ago and we decided to do their first lap time. Me and my partner got a pig each, snuggled with them in a blanket and fed them a variety of veg. Kanye was totally fine, quiet, ate all the food I handed to him. Lots of strokes and cuddles and some...