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  1. D

    blood on bedding, please help

    i found one dried blood spot on my guinea pigs’ bedding a couple of days ago, but haven’t noticed anything similar since also, 2 days ago donna was straining to poop (though this might’ve been due to too many carrots) and squeaking in pain, but that stopped too the next day and this morning &...
  2. Queenjellybeany

    Flesh Eating infection? Would love comfort and advice.

    Hi everyone! This is a continuation of my past thread My millionth post on URINE SCALD but I wanted this to be able to reach new people and I don't feel like it falls under the category of urine scald at all now lol. If you would like to see an image of the wound it is on the last page, but...
  3. T

    I just removed a huge hay poke from inside my guinea pig's eyelid. What should I do now?

    Hi, I woke up this morning to find one of my guinea pigs very lethargic and unresponsive. After a closer look. I noticed a few small-looking needles poking out of one of her eyes. I figured it was just a few small hay pokes. I never had any experience with hay pokes, so I ended up going to the...
  4. D

    Stubborn URI - help please

    Hi all, One of my boys Punk got diagnosed with a URI on the 6th July 2022 and was given a 10 day course of Sulfatrim. All 10 days were completed and his symptoms went away. Around 3 days after symptoms went away, they came back. We were given a full bottle of Sulfatrim so decided to give it...
  5. Suki&Indie

    White discharge from one eye

    Noticed this morning my piggie has white discharge around her eye. Her nose and other eye are totally clear and her breathing is normal for her (she’s nearly 8 and has had some lung issues in the past that means her lungs aren’t 100% perfect) She’s eating/drinking/pooping completely normally but...
  6. P


    I am trying to get her to a vet right now but I want to see if I can get suggestions sooner through here. I just found this wound yesterday, I feel so bad that I just noticed it. It looks like it's filled with pus, it has a this scabbing and missing hair around the wound. I don't know if a cage...
  7. Chippervb

    Please help my piggy has swelling with pus

    We will immediately call the vet tomorrow morning (its closed now) what do you guys think it is? I first didn't see anything wrong until I put her back in her case after giving her some cuddles. She was squeeking from pain, then I picked her up again, and saw the infection.. There was also a bit...
  8. W

    Some redness around the eye

    Hey everyone, my partner's guniea pig is getting some redness around the eye. We love this guniea pig to death but want to avoid the vet if possible due to money problems. She's still acting normal and eating but we're still concerned about her. Is this anything to be alarmed of?
  9. C


    Hey, I'm back again lol. My little baby Pico has this weird white crust on his ear, just noticed it today. I haven't noticed him acting strangely though, and his cagemate seems fine. I'm not sure what this is and I'm not allowed to see a vet until next week, so I'm getting very anxious as to...
  10. kerry3383

    guinea pig hair trapped in genitals

    i have a long haired male guinea pig and when we were doing his nails today and checking him over we noticed his hair was trapped in his genitals? we pulled it out slowly and he never made any noise so didn’t seem like it was painful and we’ve cut the hair that was stuck & the hair surrounding...
  11. Wheek!Wheek!


    Hi everyone! today I noticed a dark red spot on my guinea pig's front left foot (see picture). we looked back later and another one had appeared on the same foot. we weren't sure if it was the beginnings of bumblefoot he is acting no different than usual and doesn't seem in pain could you tell...
  12. P

    Guinea Pig w/ the Sniffles?

    Hello, I am a young guinea pig owner with currently two boys. I've had piggies most of my life and I've also had my fair share of dealing with sick piggies as well. I'm afraid its made me more paranoid for my guinea pigs' health, and I just want to get advice whether I should take action or not...
  13. L

    Is this a fungal infection?

    Hi, my guinea pig has patchy fur and red dots. I w attached pictures. If so, is this okay to treat it? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08V9412L2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_G87BS0XFPNE9WZ55EYK5
  14. J

    Any ideas anyone?

    Hi, I've not long joined the Guinea Forum but have read it a lot before for advice. I trust this forum and need some advice from experienced guinea owners as my poor Marcus has been passed from vet to vet (in the same practice) as they can't find the problem. Three weeks ago during a general...
  15. S

    Respiratory Infection not improving

    Hi all, I need advice. Monday i took my guinea pig to the vets as he had a little wheeze. By the time we got there the wheeze was gone and they listened to his lungs, heart, weighed him etc and he was in perfect health from what they could tell. Tuesday morning I went to check on him and he...
  16. M

    Infection near penis in my baby boar

    hi, i took my pig to the vet because he has an infection near his genitals. there was a large abscess underneath all the yuckiness, and now that he’s home, he won’t stop biting things and making a weird grunt? i have a video but i’m not too sure how to post it. anything helps thank you
  17. E

    Tired and worried

    Hey! I’m really just after some advice or maybe someone that’s has a similar scenario. I have two Sows Ava & Posie, Posie is normally dominant (bonded since birth and both a year old) however last Thursday there seemed to be a shift in dominance to Ava, however both guinea pigs now are acting...
  18. K

    How much Baytril?

    Hi all, My skinny pig is on Baytril for a toe infection that is taking very long to go away. He is 1,095kg and is on Baytril 10% oral. The vet prescribed 0,1ml once a day. I am concerned that this is not enough to kick the infection in the butt. He was on antibiotic injections for 5 days and is...
  19. Danielle Smith

    Maple has a very swollen and sore foot

    *** I have the vet booked for this afternoon, and have given some Metacam. *** Maple was bonded with Blackjack a little under 2 weeks ago, and it was a very frantic bonding. She was limping a little throughout but I thought this was because she had sprained her leg in the act of chasing. She's...
  20. Charlottibiscot

    Bald dry spot below ear

    This is Mabel, she is 4 months old and lives with her sister, Hoggy. Today I noticed this bald spot below her ear with a spot of dried blood. It's a very rough texture and has a silvery sheen as opposed to the rest of her pinkish skin. I haven't seen her itching, and when I press and touch...