1. J

    Any ideas anyone?

    Hi, I've not long joined the Guinea Forum but have read it a lot before for advice. I trust this forum and need some advice from experienced guinea owners as my poor Marcus has been passed from vet to vet (in the same practice) as they can't find the problem. Three weeks ago during a general...
  2. S

    Respiratory Infection not improving

    Hi all, I need advice. Monday i took my guinea pig to the vets as he had a little wheeze. By the time we got there the wheeze was gone and they listened to his lungs, heart, weighed him etc and he was in perfect health from what they could tell. Tuesday morning I went to check on him and he...
  3. M

    Infection near penis in my baby boar

    hi, i took my pig to the vet because he has an infection near his genitals. there was a large abscess underneath all the yuckiness, and now that he’s home, he won’t stop biting things and making a weird grunt? i have a video but i’m not too sure how to post it. anything helps thank you
  4. E

    Tired and worried

    Hey! I’m really just after some advice or maybe someone that’s has a similar scenario. I have two Sows Ava & Posie, Posie is normally dominant (bonded since birth and both a year old) however last Thursday there seemed to be a shift in dominance to Ava, however both guinea pigs now are acting...
  5. K

    How much Baytril?

    Hi all, My skinny pig is on Baytril for a toe infection that is taking very long to go away. He is 1,095kg and is on Baytril 10% oral. The vet prescribed 0,1ml once a day. I am concerned that this is not enough to kick the infection in the butt. He was on antibiotic injections for 5 days and is...
  6. Danielle Smith

    Maple has a very swollen and sore foot

    *** I have the vet booked for this afternoon, and have given some Metacam. *** Maple was bonded with Blackjack a little under 2 weeks ago, and it was a very frantic bonding. She was limping a little throughout but I thought this was because she had sprained her leg in the act of chasing. She's...
  7. Charlottibiscot

    Bald dry spot below ear

    This is Mabel, she is 4 months old and lives with her sister, Hoggy. Today I noticed this bald spot below her ear with a spot of dried blood. It's a very rough texture and has a silvery sheen as opposed to the rest of her pinkish skin. I haven't seen her itching, and when I press and touch...
  8. Jasmined

    Does this look like a fungal infection?

    Hi! I’ve just spotted this on one of the guinea pigs. I’ve got a vet appointment booked for Monday, but just wondering if any one has any clue what it is. Is it a fungal infection? I can’t tell if it’s on the skin of the eyelid or just crustiness but the lid is also a little swollen. With the...
  9. Jasmined

    Is this URI or allergy? Please help

    Yesterday morning I noticed I could hear Teddy breathing a little heavier than normal after I’d heard her sneeze a few times. by the afternoon her breathing had become more noisy and her sneezes sounded a little wet, some crustiness round her nose. By Luck managed to get her a vet appointment...
  10. D

    Eye infection or injury

    Hiya, This morning I discovered that my Guinea Patsy has a discoloured eye with pink fleshy surrounding. Can somebody advise me what this is?
  11. K

    Specialist Eye infection

    We recently had gotten a New Guinea pig from PetSmart, after a couple of days he had a very dirty eye on one side so we had the petsmart take him to their vet, they told us he had a small respiratory infection and would keep him on medication until he healed. After a few days, one of our other...
  12. Guptheguineapig

    Guinea pig eye closing

    Good evening/night to everyone. My lovely little pig, Tippy, who has a history or middle and now inner ear infections has recently been having her left eye closing/squinting. Her eye appears as if someone is close to her eye and the reflex is to close it, except that its permanently in this...
  13. ashleemelda

    Question Re: Hay, Weight Gain Food

    Since getting my girls back in late May/early June they have always been on the petite side. I have since gotten them up to approximately 840g. After a discussion with my vet and looking at several forums on here, I began slowly introducing small amounts of dry, old-fashioned oats and grated...
  14. Nstheboss

    Burst abcess on guinea pig jaw

    Hi, I'm looking for a final opinion before I have my Guinea pig put to sleep. About a month ago I noticed a small lump on her jaw, prior to this she had lost weight and had been off her food. I took her to an exotic vet who told me that it is a jaw abcess that requires surgery which will cost a...
  15. futurefame

    really big toe

    Hi, I got my Severus in May, and when I got him, he had a really big toe on his front left foot. Because he is a rescue, we thought that maybe the previous owner didn't cut his nails properly and maybe it got infected. When we cut his nails we missed out that toe, but now it is bigger and we...
  16. Guptheguineapig

    Specialist Ear Infection/falling over

    Hello there! I have a little girl named Tippy. She was a rescue from a pet store. She was kept in the back room because she had a head tilt and they couldn't put her out in the front with the rest of the pigs... When I rescued her she was reported infection free (which now I don't believe)...
  17. M

    PLEASE HELP - Crusty Eye

    At first it was just little white flakes that would go away, assuming she cleaned them off herself. Now it’s gotten this bad in the span of 3-4 days. It’s only in her left eye, and my other piggy doesnt have it. She also hasnt been eating as many pellets as before. Her and her sister would...
  18. futurefame

    lip infection?

    I went to see my guinea pigs after over 24 hours away from them (my Mum looked after them) and I saw something on one's lip. It was like a bit of feeding hay stuck to his lip with dried up pellet mush. Ten minutes later I came back with a wet cotton bud and my Mum. When I came back it looked...
  19. C

    Guinea pig bladder stones

    My guinea pig has had blood in urine intermittently for months. He has otherwise been fine. He then seemed to developing bloat which was treated by the vet. The vet also gave an antibiotic for treating what she thought could be a uti as I said he's recently started squealing when urinating as...
  20. jenibee

    Is this a scratch or some kind of infection?

    So like a day ago I noticed what looked like dried poo on my guinea pigs nose. I tried to wipe it off but he kept moving and it wouldn't really come off. Today morning I saw that he had this red swipe above his nose. Could this be a scratch from maybe him trying to clean himself? the first...