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new cage

  1. Lunapxggies

    New cage layouts :3

    I’m fulling switching to fleace bedding now and I wanted to show off my cute cage i’ve got going on now :3 Is there anything I should add or subtract?
  2. ripcoconuttheguineapig

    Complete Care Preparation: Trying To Put Product To Good Use

    I am somewhat new to guinea pigs, as in for a week in 2021 I had coconut in a starter kit due to the sad mistake of completely trusting a pet store, [ WHICH IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD BE DONE KNOWINGLY OF OTHER SOLUTIONS] who ended up getting ringworm. After having a hamster and giving it the...
  3. L

    Our new DIY cage.

    Based on a tutorial (which we didn't completely followed) we decided to build a new guinea pig cage! Its not perfectly the right size for 2 guinea pigs but thats why we decided to build a second floor! The cage is 2 modified IKEA tables put on top of eachother with a shelf serving as the second...
  4. B

    considering cage upgrade

    hi! currently i have my two baby girls in a 2x4 C&C cage with the solid plastic panels. i had to rearrange to fit this cage into my bedroom, but later this week i’m downsizing my (king) bed to a loft bed, so i will have a ton more room. i’m planning to expand their cage so they can have optimal...
  5. B

    new cage :) thoughts?

    just set up my girls in this bigger cage :) they seem to love it so far!
  6. L

    Boar bonding help

    Hi! I’m desperately seeking advice rn on bonding. To cut a long story short… years ago I adopted a single Guinea pig from a rescue. Not knowing much at the time… I had no knowledge of said Guinea pig needing a companion but over a short amount of time I realised that he needed a friend. 2 years...
  7. R

    Male Guineas suddenly fighting! Help!

    Hello! I just adopted two 9 month old Guinea pigs (both male) over the weekend (meaning I have had them about 4 days). I built them a new C&C cage 4x2 and placed them in it yesterday. This is when all hell broke loose. Oreo attacked Reeses and made him bleed pretty bad. I contacted the previous...
  8. ashleemelda

    Slight Weight Loss: New Cage The Cause?

    Last night, I moved my two guinea pigs, Moira and Rose, into a new, larger cage, which they have taken to wonderfully already. This morning, however, during their weekly weigh-in, they had both fallen to around 890g. Rose weighed 915g the week prior, so a loss of 25g, whereas Moira weighed 923g...
  9. Wheeky_pigs

    Getting Fleece Liners

    Hi everyone, I'm It sure if this has been asked before but I’ve got a question about fleece liners. My cage currently uses puppy liners and when I clean them out I find the guinea pigs poo in the corner of the cage and the liners always have stains and the poo is always soft and wet...
  10. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    New Cage For Piggies :)

    Okay so I think I found a cage that will work but I don’t trust myself so can the pig experts here tell me if this cage looks okay for two guinea pigs (who get along not as well I hoped they would yet sometimes manage)? It looks divided to me but can someone make sure? ;-; Thank you! <3
  11. Dystopoly

    Cage Upgrades!

    I finally got some cage upgrades for my piggies, and I’m in LOVE! I’m sure I’ll end up adjusting the lid situation, but I’m mostly just trying to make sure they don’t get Out for now, lol. The bottom front is made up of entirely Acrylic windows with two swing grids for access, and I’m also...
  12. R

    New Bigger Cage, Piggie Refuses To Use Ramps. Need Advice.

    Hello, I am new to this site and in need of advice. My wife and I just decided to upgrade our Guinea Pigs cage and are having trouble transitioning her into it. The old cage was the Midwest Habitat Cage, and we purchased the Midwest Habitat Plus to add onto it. It has this divider to separate...
  13. Hlao-roo

    New Cage

    Hi I'm wanting a new cage for my 3 boars. They're currently in a one-story 5x2 C&C cage but I'm not comfortable with it as it doesn't seem sturdy enough and bits keep popping out of the connectors, and I really hate the correx / plastic stuff! I've found this one online: Lounge Small Pet Cage...
  14. Jennybug89

    Ringworm Update

    So Rosie seems to really be on the mend! I'm treating her with the stuff the vet gave everyday but the hair is already starting to grow back, after just a week! So either I caught it super early or it wasn't ring worm at all. She's back in two weeks for a check and a mange injection but I'm so...
  15. Jennybug89

    New Piggy Home

    New cage arrived today from Zooplus! Can't for the life of me manage to get the handles or clips on it! But I'm glad with the size. Rosie is much better now, her face is starting to clear, so soon she'll be moving into this cage with a pal! Got a few little toys and bits of the new arrival too!
  16. BenjiAndButtons

    Cage Levels

    Hi all! Please see the photos below if my explanation is too confusing. We bought a double cage (2 levels) with the intention of finding a new friend for benji (Black and white Guniea) after he lost his previous friend to Bloat, We bought Barney (White and ginger guinea) but he had case of...
  17. piggie.slave

    How To Attach Water And Hay Rack?

    Hi, the piggies are having a new cage which is arriving shortly (whoooop:nod:), but I have just realised how am I supposed to attach the water bottle and hay rack? Its will be an L shape cage, and all perspex the whole way round, I have the living world glass water bottle and will be buying the...
  18. C

    One Or Two Story Hutch?

    hey, I was wondering if people had found that getting two storey hutches with a built in run are worth getting (we have a foldable run at the moment but we probably won't be able to get it out for them to play in everyday). Our two sows are new so if we are going to get a different hutch is it...
  19. violetgirl

    I Got A New Cage! Christmas Present

    My 3 month old girl Pepper is loving her new cage (the one above). However, since she's settling in she hides a little more which means less playtime. Hoping she'll get used to it soon so I can hold her more.